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Greetings from “Prachith’s Infotech”

“Prachith’s Infotech” was established in the year 1997, with a prime motto to act as establish as a manufacturer of IT and Power products thereby become a complete solution provider for Organizations of repute from India and abroad. Our expertise lies in the fields of Information Technology, network solutions, Power soluion banking & insurance. With the rich experience gained by the promoters, having worked in a IT corporate for several years, our company was established with a view towards providing total professional solution to all our customers, be it a corporate, small office or home segment.

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    Keys to Success

  • Prachiths must be able to acquire and retain corporate customers by providing IT and power solutions designed to address their strategic business objectives, while significantly reducing their infrastructure costs.
  • The Solution provided should be on par with global standards with appropriate emphasis on customer delight. User satisfaction and measurable results are ultimate priorities.
  • Prachiths will succeed if it can capitalize on its leadership position in technology Solution know-how, turning it into measurable sales figures.
  • The sales process must be easy to administer and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of Prachiths to keep a very lean organization. The Solution offered should further establish Prachith’s as an solution technology leader in its market niche, not only retaining customers but actually bringing in new customers.
Marketing Plans

Market analysis: The promoter Mr Umashankar took substantial research on the market size of Power,IT and Training and found out that the market in substantial and has the potential for the geographical area concerned. Resent industry reports the UPS market size across all cataogory is estimated at Rs.8750 Crore for 19-20 which will increase in the future due to power requirement of the country, The computer industry is a consistently growing industry and therefore there exists a definite space for “Prachiths”. According to a recent article in PC World, “Since the need for computer literacy is rising, the demand for PC training/skill based education is also growing. Whether they hire computer training centers or have their own in-house training program, local companies are realizing that investing in hardware is not enough. For a firm to truly be in the information technology mainstream, it must invest in its most precious resource, its people.”

Our Path of Growth

Our operation commenced as a Manufacturer of computers and Online UPS in the year 1997 our teams performance was found to be exemplary. This may well be augured by the responsibility to service many Prestigious customers like LIC, NIC, IOCL, MFL, MRL, TAJ, NABARD, HISL, HFL, SCL, LUCAS TVS, INDIAN EXPRESS, ANDRA PRABHA,INDIAN AIRLINES,ITI FINANCIAL SERVICES etc., The effectiveness of the pre-sales and post-sales support has been well attested by more than 2000 satisfied customers comprising of corporate, small office and home segment.

Though we were operating only in Chennai to start with, we took up the challenge of servicing higher end laser printers in Indian Express’ establishments situated in all the four southern states & Orissa. This was achieved through our efforts by establishing service franchisees in nodal locations. We went one step forward, when the supplier of equipment could not provide spares on time, by importing the required parts and thus becoming the only spares and service providers for these equipment’s. This benefited the customers as the cost of maintenance was drastically cut down. All these show that our company does not hesitate to take bold initiatives and venture into areas where start-up companies with limited resources may not even contemplate entering.

With above indicated added portfolio, today we do not simply sell products but are providing total solutions to customers all over INDIA well augured by a ever growing customer profile.

With the experience gained over the past 21 years and being a threshold company moving from a medium to big business enterprise, we strongly believe and accept the fact that a product not supported with service properly will not survive in the competitive environment with its reputation and quality alone. We are proud in saying that our company’s reputation in the market is due to the excellent pre and after sales support being offered.

While we have received many prestigious recognitions from our parent companies, we feel very proud in customers recognizing our efforts and allowing us to fulfill their further needs. As it goes without saying the customer is the God for business and their acknowledgement is more important than anything else. On the foregoing, it is evident that “Prachith’s Infotech” is a company eager to meet with new challenges by associating with Conglomerates, by presenting ourselves as a customer representative, which may be viewed by many lesser individuals as financial hara-kiri. This will assure our longevity by improving customer satisfaction, increasing operational efficiency and product reach. We believe this is the only way to have a long, fruitful and mutually beneficial business relationship.