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If there are any duplicate transactions / payments done by the Customers, the extra payment can be adjusted in next bill or on request with valid documents refund may be done in next 15 workings days by the PRACHITHS INFOTECH MARKETERS.


Amount on the Customer bill is as it shows, however due to any technical issue, typographical error or product information received from our backend services may vary. The " Prachiths Infotech Marketers " will try to be accurate, however if you come across any difference in amounts on the Prachiths Infotech Marketers Website pre and post payment, we request you to contact us within 72 (Seventy Two) hours of having made your payment. The " Prachiths Infotech Marketers " shall then refund the difference amount within 10-15 business days of intimation. The mode of refund will be the same as at the time of payment. For Bills paid by Cash / Cheque the refunds will be done by Cheque. If the " Prachiths Infotech Marketers " comes across any such difference in amounts, it has all the rights to rectify the same or cancel the payments.


For Bills, Once a payment has been made online, Customer will not be able to cancel it. For Refund and other issues, Customer have to contact the " Prachiths Infotech Marketers " and settlements will be made based on the agreed terms by Prachiths Infotech Marketers

All Refund and Cancellation settlements will be made by the " Prachiths Infotech Marketers " based on the Policies of Prachitsh Infotech Marketers..


Please send any questions or comments (including all inquiries unrelated to copyright infringement) regarding this Site to Prachiths Infotech Marketers.